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Hey Parents, welcome to LeadershipForKids.com! Feel free to use this website with your child in whatever way you would like, whether that's on your iPhone or Android device, iPad or computer. Watch a Bible Lesson Video with your child and then print off the Activity PDF, located directly below the video. Each Activity PDF is composed of a Family Activity, a Bible Verse to memorize, and questions that will further enforce the specific Bible Lesson your child is watching. This website is a great resource for you to use with your child to help your child learn how to become the leader God has designed him or her to be!

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Teaching Elevate Children's Curriculum

Are you a teacher? Great! Whether you are a teacher at school, church or other non-profit organization, LeadershipForKids.com is just a small video portion of our creative children's curriculum called Elevate. The Elevate curriculum provides animated Bible Lessons, a Main Point and Bible Verse for each lesson, skit videos and scripts, two original music videos, review games, take home games and parent flyers, printable art and activity sheets, step-by-step instruction for teachers, activity training and song-motion videos, environmental art and graphics, and even background music. You can find all of these things and more on ElevateAtChurch.com. Contact us for a free sample of the Elevate Curriculum by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by calling us at 1-855-693-5382.

Note on terms of use: LeadershipForKids.com is for personal and/or home use only.