making good kids into great leaders
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Dojo Kids
Discipline - I will spend
Self-Respect - I will
Confidence - When I am
Respect For Others - I
Endurance - I will keep
Integrity - I will be
Loyalty - I will be
Leadership - I will share
Entourage Jr.
I Worship Jesus!
I Tell Others About
I Will Do What Jesus
I Should Learn About
I Thank Jesus!
I Can Be A Friend Like
I Should Show Love!
Jesus Will Forgive Me!
Entourage Kids
A Good Friend Is Wise!
A Good Friend Is Helpful!
A Good Friend Will Always
Jesus Is A Good Friend!
A Good Friend Prays For
A Good Friend Accepts
A Good Friend Cares For
A Good Friend Tells
Epic Jr.
Big, Big Love Music Video
I'm Sorry
I Will Help Others!
I Will Obey!
I Can Do Big Things!
I Will Do What Is Right!
I Will Be Brave!
I Will Talk To Jesus When
I Will Tell Others About
I Will Not Whine Or
Epic Kids
Heroes Music Video
I Will Worship God!
I Will Obey God!
I Will Be Ready To Do
I Will Tell Others To Do
I Will Not Let Others
When I Have A Problem, I
I Believe That Jesus Is
I Will Praise God In All