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Through the Bible Jr.: Luke
I Will Be Brave!
I Will Say Kind Words!
I Will Be Patient!
I Tell Others About
Friends Work Together!
God Made Me To Help
I Should Learn About
I Thank Jesus!
God Made Me To Pray!
I Can Be A Friend Like
I Worship God When I Give
Through the Bible Jr.: John
I Will Learn!
Friends Share!
I Will Give!
I Will Be Kind To Others!
Jesus Is Alive!
I Will Obey!
Through the Bible Jr.: Acts
I Worship God When I Love
I Will Help!
I Will Be Nice When
I Will Not Whine Or
I Will Not Give Up When
Through the Bible Jr.: Romans - Revelation
God Made Me To Give!
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I Will Keep On Doing My
A Good Friend Is Wise!
As A Follower Of Christ,
I Will Do What Jesus
Top 10 Lessons Kids Ages 6-14 Should Know!
Obey God Above All Else!
A Good Friend Is Helpful!
As A Follower Of Christ,
I Will Tell The Truth!
I Will Keep Doing What Is
I Will Control My Anger!
I Will Learn From Others'
I Will Use My Words To
God Gives Everyone
I Will Worship God In